Friday, March 9, 2007

Off to Agra

Today was the first day of the Peer Coaching curriculum and as we expected, things went a little more slowly than we had hoped. We wound up a little behind for the day, but it'll be fine. The class works really hard and does as much as they can but some have some limited English, so having them read articles and long lists of directions really slows things down. It'll be fine, or as Vicky says, "We've already done Korea and they didn't speak any English!"

Vicky and I leave at 5AM tomorrow for Agra and the Taj Mahal. We finally got the itinerary today, and of course, they needed cash ASAP, which meant finding a cash machine. Once we did (not too hard, since there's one across from the hotel), we felt rich. Asking for 20,000 rs at a cash machine and getting a huge stack of bills was pretty cool until we realized that a large stack of bills really doesn't mean much. They look interesting, but they aren't worth much, roughly 50:1.

I'm going to bed so I can be fresh for the big adventure tomorrow. I'll be offline until Sunday night India (Real) Time. Have a great weekend, and wish Rob a Happy Anniversary. I wish he could be here to go to the Taj on our 23rd anniversary, but I plan on bringing back lots of pictures.

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