Friday, February 16, 2007

A Word Before Departure

Just a little bit of explanation about the title: when Rob and I were having dinner tonight, he mentioned that he'd told someone at work about what the PSC 3 were going to be doing in the first weeks of March. To be more specific, he said that we were going to be teaching about technology. To paraphrase, his friend said, "In India? They're going to be teaching about technology in India? Isn't that like taking coal to Newcastle?" Rob said he clarified that we were going to be teaching professors of education about using technology in the classroom, but I thought that would make a catchy title for this travel missive.

I hope to make it as entertaining as the Korea travel log seems to have been. I have been assured by good friends who have traveled in India that India is far more foreign and entertaining than anywhere else in the world. I can't wait!